Chuck E. Cheese

I’m so overdue in posting here! Today we had a day off with all 3 of us together… so I wanted to do something fun Lenny could do inside, as he still has Cold Urticaria and cannot play outside. So we had lunch at Abuelo’s and played at Chuck E. Cheese for the win. 🙂 Lenny loved it. Here’s a little highlight reel. (Luc jumping and his encounter with the mouse is… well… as expected.) 😉


Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween! We had planned to do trunk-or-treat and trick-or-treating this year, but we missed trunk-or-treat on Sunday because of the low temperature… and yesterday Lenny came home from school with a fever! I thought for sure he’d miss Halloween from the fever alone, Let alone the cooler temp today. But God Healed Him and he felt great… and his Darth Vader costume (thanks Mimi & Poppy!!!!) was warm enough for us to do a few minutes outdoors. Lucas had to work since he was home with him today from school – so we were sad about that… but we had a fun dinner with Mom, Dad, and Caleb… and Dad even dropped us off at Centenary downtown and picked us up so we didn’t have to walk. ❤️ I’m so glad Lenny still got to celebrate Halloween with all the other kids this year. ❤️ His costume was a HIT!!! Several people were getting their picture made with him. Here’s a little highlight reel: 

Pumpkin Farm

Our tradition is to go to the pumpkin farm with Haley & Jake and the kids, but we couldn’t match our dates this year (with all my weekend work), so I took Lenny straight after school yesterday since this was the last weekend and it was around 70. The temperature was perfect for him to go to the field and pick out his pumpkin. The Lord gave us this opportunity, as I was afraid we had missed our chance with temps being really low this weekend, so what a blessing we made it yesterday with just enough warmth for Lenny. ❤️

Fall Break

Well,  not so much on the bright side, I got sick over Fall Break. Like the whole thing, mostly. Lol – Basic annoying cold stuff… but not something you want on your vacation, even if it is a staycation (the best kind of vacation there is in my book). I almost thought I had the flu for a little bit there, but thankfully it’s just a bad cold. I’m on the mend for the most part, aside from an ugly cough, but today Junior Brown and I just had to enjoy this beautiful weather and go to the park. We went to his school park, which was really fun. I had to take pictures of him, because some of my most favorite images of Lennon are of him playing at the park. ❤️

Tomorrow I go for my very first real (outside of school) eye exam. I’m gettin’ old I guess. 😉 Some letters here and there are blurring a bit and I’m just plain overdue, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say about it tomorrow. 🙂 

I hope your October week has been full of crisper weather than we’ve had, but we can’t complain about the amazing light we’ve had. ❤️

Happy October!


Happy Fall! 

Can you believe it’s already Fall? It seems forever to get here and then it feels it’s flown by at the same time. Since I last wrote, Lennon has turned 8. He’s growing faster than ever. I love him more every day if that’s even possible. 

We celebrated with a kids party at Superfly and cake at Coolidge park. The Lord made it even more special when he made the temperatures in the 70s (in August!) just for Lenny. 😉 

Things have seemed eventful, with the hurricanes, things in our life turning a bit upside down… Lennon took a hard fall down stairs this week and hit his head really hard on a hard surface (that about scared the life out of me), but he’s okay, and we also got his most recent blood work back as Normal. That’s wonderful but also so puzzling with his Cold Urticaria, since many with that also have normal blood work results. The cause is unknown. He still deals well with it, but every once in a while he’ll tell me how he wish he didn’t have it. 😦 Breaks my heart. 

This is a new shaped hive he recently got at Chick-fil-A. They’re always changing. Some look like he’s been burned or scratched by cats, it’s so wild. 

Aside from that, he has 2 new amazing teachers, Mrs. Adelia Hall and Mrs. Abbey Duncan (who also happens to be his sweet Aunt) at school. They are the biggest blessing we could ever dream for. We’re just thrilled he has them each day enhancing his education. 

We were also blessed with a new fridge this week. I can’t wait to get it in. Ours broke and let me tell you… it’s a hard day-to-day when something you use so regularly breaks. (Thanks Mom and Dad for that amazing gift, and thanks to my in-laws Butch and Ruth who have provided us with a wonderful car that has saved me in getting to work each day after the other died.)  God is so good and I know everyone he blesses us through will also be blessed tremendously for it. 

Bootsy turned one yesterday. 🙂 He says “Mama” almost every day (but only when he wants to sit by me on the couch and that’s the magic password 😉 ). He’s been the best gift to me I could have received last year. ❤ 

I did a Fall session with Lenny, knowing I’d have to do it early before it got cool outside. It was so blessed and he did better than he ever has for me. He’ll always be my favorite to photograph. ❤

All is well and hope you all are too. Thanks for reading this and keeping up with us. Happy Fall! 

Second Grade!


Lenny’s officially in Second Grade!  It’s taking a little to adjust to a new school since Stuart is mostly all he’s known, but he’s catching on quickly and cannot be with kinder people.  It’s been a bit more involved this year as we have to develop a 504 plan for him with his Cold Urticaria, which can be quite challenging for his teachers at times, not always knowing how to handle it yet or what to do and when.  I’m already so impressed with how ON IT they are.  They’re awesome.  I’m also SO thrilled that I’ll be working at his school for the second part of each day so I can be there with him.  As we approach cooler weather in the near future, please keep Lennon in your prayers, as these can be trying days for him.  He cannot be outside but a few minutes and it’s always a concern thinking about him and what temperature he’s in (even indoors).  We’re believing the Lord for his healing from this.

I have not yet begun to take students in ESL yet, as they are still getting adjusted in their main classes, but I did meet a few on Friday morning, and Oh My Goodness… Can we say PRECIOUS????!!!!!  I cannot wait to work with them daily.  ❤

We’re excited Daddy is off tomorrow (Sundays are rare for him) and we can all go to church together (and maybe pop over to the Aquarium, as we have our yearly passes, which are awesome).  August has been off to a great start (including some sweet breezes in the past few evenings, which are little blessings).

God bless you guys and I wish you all a beautiful upcoming week.  ❤