Hello again…

Wow… so many times I meant to update my blog, and then life happened and I got side-tracked again.  The last time I wrote was in April.  May is always a blur with high school. There is something going on every week and also graduation, finals, etc.  Then Summer happens… traveling… I had several sessions at the same time… It was wild.

We just got back from FL with my Mom and sister Haley and kids.  We had a wonderful time visiting a park and seeing wild turtles swimming in the water (big turtles, so beautiful), the beach (in-between dodging summer storms that were out of this world), a water park, and delicious FL food.  We went to Woody’s barbeque again… I hadn’t been here probably since I was little and asked Mom if we could go.  It’s so silly how a little restaurant can make you so happy, but when it triggers childhood memories, there’s just nothing like it.  We also visited our old stomping grounds in Mandarin, and would you believe I got around quite well just by remembering landmarks as a child?!  Pretty proud of myself there.  I was talking about a house we used to live in, and boom… we were by it and I found the road all by myself (and my memories).  It was awesome.

We faced some opposition this week.  God’s hand of protection was over all of us.  Psalm 91 is my favorite chapter in the Bible, and for good reason.  It’s so powerful and so meaningful.  God has come through so many times for us.  This week especially.  ❤

It was such a blessing to have all the grandkids together.  I knew I had to grab some photographs while I was there.  My plan was to take beautiful portraits on the beach (and also come candid, playful ones there), but with so many storms, that was a bit difficult, so I grabbed it when we made a quick trip to a Ponte Vedra park after lunch, and it was perfect.  I grabbed a few candid shots and it was great.

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Here’s to a beautiful July.  It’s gonna be a busy one.  New exciting things coming… :). Happy 4th of July!



April seems to have flown in and almost flown by.  It’s been a month of healing along with hurt… but I count my blessings.  As we get into warmer weather, school rooms are getting warmer and Lennon seems to be reacting with hives nearly every day now.  Sweating seems to be the cause.  What a learning curve.  I learn new things about his allergy all the time.  We’re still praying for deliverance from this for Lenny.  I know he’s so ready for it to be gone… although he does so well with it.  There couldn’t be a better kid to take things so well as Lenny has taken this.

A few days ago he woke up and came to me as Jack Sparrow.  Made.My.Morning.  I always thought I’d be a boy-mom.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  ❤

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We’re counting the days until Summer.  I cherish that time with my family.  ❤  Wishing you all a Happy Wednesday.  ❤

Easter 2017

Easter was beautiful, yet eventful (I’ll get to that part a little bit later).  The day before, Lenny and I dyed our Easter eggs.  He loved it so much, and Lucas bought us an emoji egg kit, so it was super-cute.


On Easter morning, we had to wake Lenny up, funny enough (so we could make it to church on time).  He was so happy to see what the Easter bunny brought him.

This is his “Oh my gosh, Look What I Got!!!” face.  😉  ❤


Once we got ready for church, I had to take a picture of Junior all-ready for Easter.  Now when he was a little baby, I dressed him up like a little prince… (I sure do miss those sweet days)… but I did a little more casual look this time (the suit I found wasn’t in his size).  I think he looked just as sweet (if I do say so myself).  😉


After church with family, we had a delicious lunch at Jeff and Abbey’s house.  Lenny adores their trampoline.  He had so much fun jumping with Eli and Livi.  I wanted to grab a shot with them all together but got distracted and it never happened.  They are such great cousins to him.  ❤


I forgot to mention also… that the day before… Mimi brought over a special Easter basket from her and Poppy for Lenny.  Warmed my heart.  He’s all about the stuffed animals like I was too – so the fun plush peep was perfect.


Now to the eventful part…  after church we ran home to let the dogs out, etc., before going to lunch.  Everything was good… fine…  After we got back from lunch later on… I sat in the car while Luc let the dogs out (they get so excited at the door… sometimes it’s easier if I wait and see them outside so it’s not crazy with us all at that tight space, lol).  I looked over and was wondering where Luci was… Luc said she was in the yard laying down (that’s odd for Luci… if you know her at all, or even met her once, you know it’s REALLY odd).  I walked over to her seeing as how she was laying on her stomach, then she rolled over – but it was like she couldn’t get up at all.  She looked at me in a look of panic and a need for help.  I picked her up immediately and we took her to the emergency vet hospital.  I was holding her over my shoulder like a baby (she was like a rag-doll), and trying to fill out the form with my right hand as I just cried… thinking she was going to die.  The sweet lady behind the counter knew she didn’t look good and she checked her gums while I was behind the counter and immediately had her taken back.  They put her on an IV, and not much later, she was responding well to everything and wagging her tail (I had texted my whole family and everyone was praying for our sweet Luci).  My Mom and Caleb came out right away, and we went back to see her… and she was jumping in her cage.  (I let them know she looks at my Mom like “Mom” too… I always joke that I’m the “Step-Mom”, ha ha).  They kept her overnight just to be safe, and when we got her early the next morning… we went to our local vet… all seemed okay, but they left the IV in just in case.  Well, sure enough, once we got her home, she was acting very over-tired… her eyes going back and forth… barely drank… it wasn’t our “Luci.”  I took her back in, and she stayed with our local vet until Wednesday.  They took such great care of her, and we’re still not certain what in the world caused it… though it weakened her to the core… she had several sneezing fits… we’re thinking it was possibly an allergic reaction or something she ate.  All I know is it scared the life out of me and I thought we were going to lose our Luci.  To see her jumping last night and wrestling with Boots again was priceless.  I’ll never complain again about how hyper she is (ha ha).  I WELCOME it.  To see her jump and frolick around… even if she is jumping on me with muddy paws on my light pants (lol)… I just love her so much.  My dogs are like children to me.  And Lenny loves them so much too.  They complete us.

So that was a long explanation… but just as Easter is celebrating Jesus being raised from the dead… I feel as if Jesus did the same for Luci.  She didn’t die, but I believe she was at death’s door… and He brought her back.  No doubt… NO doubt.  I can’t thank God enough for His never-ending goodness to us.  ❤

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well.  I hope it was filled with a lot of laughter and love.  ❤

Love to all-

Happy Good Friday

Boy, there just never seem to be enough words- and I told the Lord this, this very morning – to thank Christ for what He did for us. But He knows our hearts. And our gratitude. I hurt inside thinking of what He went through… but I’ll never fully be capable of understanding what He did. Could any one of us do that? 

“For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His [One and only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

That’s the scripture we learned from childhood… but it took a while to sink in. I have one son as our Heavenly Father did… I couldn’t imagine sending him for that job. Could you?

So I’m so thankful today to remember again just How much he LOVES you and me. ❤

I’m also thankful that Lenny’s first round of blood tests seem to look okay. We’re waiting for results on this week’s test. We were SO happy to have the day off with Daddy today.  

We started the day slow (Lenny’s all about his new storm trooper robe, as you can see here. 😉) We went to one of our favorite spots, Moe’s… and then to McKay’s bookstore! 

Lenny was wild and fun as ever. (Lol) He was wanting to look for “Jesus” books. ❤️ Warms my heart. 

We had a beautiful drive back. Luc drove and I rested (it’s been an eventful week).  

Lenny got some hives in the car from the air conditioning. The people I speak with that have Cold Urticaria (or a child with it) say Summer is harder than Winter (because of the change in temp from hot to air conditioning and all).  We’re still believing God for healing from this! 

Just picked up our egg kit… so I’m looking forward to making more memories with Lennon this weekend with that too. I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend. He is Risen. ❤️

Easter week already?

A week in the 70s, and even reaching 80 will be so nice this week.  I have a week jam-packed with photography sessions and school, and then it’s already Easter, can you believe it?!  April has been good.  It’s been a time of restoration and healing and beautiful weather.  God is so good to us.  I hope you all have a beautiful Monday.  Here are a few images of my sweet boy in this gorgeous Tennessee weather we’ve been blessed with lately.  ❤

Update on Lennon’s allergy

Many of you know that Lennon was recently diagnosed with Cold Urticaria.  This is a rare allergy to the cold.  Lennon actually starts having hives in temperatures in the 60s and below (and even 70s, though less severe).  He has recently begun reacting to sweating as well as heat from the shower.  It’s possible he has both cold and heat urticaria.  Urticaria means “hives,” so he develops hives in certain temperatures.  Air conditioning can trigger it… cool breezes… wind… rain… sweating…  It’s one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to deal with, but the Lord is helping us the whole way.  I never thought I’d have to carry an epipen in my purse, and I’m thanking the Lord I never have to use it, but we’re believing our Chief Physician for complete deliverance from this allergy.

Lennon has missed recess at school for months, except for the occasional warm day he’s been blessed to play outside.  He asks me why other kids get to go out and play and why he has to have this allergy.  It breaks my heart.  What do you say to that?  He can’t go swimming… can’t be by large bodies of water (for fear of falling in – which could be fatal).  I’m not trying to scare anyone or ask for pity, but please, if you will, help me pray for a miracle God will deliver him from this!  (He’s also having blood work soon to eliminate auto-immune diseases as a possibility.)

We are SO happy to be in Spring!  I had Lennon do a few pictures yesterday afternoon, with it being in the upper 70s.  He did really well… just a few mild hives on his feet.  When I post online that it touches my heart to see him play in warm weather… you have no idea how much I mean that.  A year ago, Lennon could go out whenever he wanted… in whatever season… He’ll be able to again, in Jesus’ Name.  Thank you all for checking in and for your prayers.  They mean so much.  ❤




(Here is a video I recently made of Lennon playing… at the end you can see what we mean about the hives…  https://youtu.be/41MlGFcGADo)

He still does miracles

God is still the God of miracles.  He listens to us when we pray… He works bad things to good according to His will.  It’s been the hardest month of my life… but He never left me… He will never allow me more than I can handle… He helps me to be strong through Him (when I am weak)…  I am closer to Him because of the trouble and strife.  I rejoice in that.  He will always be first in my life.  If you are going through a trial… Keep trusting in the Lord.  It may not always turn out the way we want it to… but He listens… and He’ll give us what we need when we need it.

❤ to you all…