Hello again…

Wow… so many times I meant to update my blog, and then life happened and I got side-tracked again.  The last time I wrote was in April.  May is always a blur with high school. There is something going on every week and also graduation, finals, etc.  Then Summer happens… traveling… I had several sessions at the same time… It was wild.

We just got back from FL with my Mom and sister Haley and kids.  We had a wonderful time visiting a park and seeing wild turtles swimming in the water (big turtles, so beautiful), the beach (in-between dodging summer storms that were out of this world), a water park, and delicious FL food.  We went to Woody’s barbeque again… I hadn’t been here probably since I was little and asked Mom if we could go.  It’s so silly how a little restaurant can make you so happy, but when it triggers childhood memories, there’s just nothing like it.  We also visited our old stomping grounds in Mandarin, and would you believe I got around quite well just by remembering landmarks as a child?!  Pretty proud of myself there.  I was talking about a house we used to live in, and boom… we were by it and I found the road all by myself (and my memories).  It was awesome.

We faced some opposition this week.  God’s hand of protection was over all of us.  Psalm 91 is my favorite chapter in the Bible, and for good reason.  It’s so powerful and so meaningful.  God has come through so many times for us.  This week especially.  ❤

It was such a blessing to have all the grandkids together.  I knew I had to grab some photographs while I was there.  My plan was to take beautiful portraits on the beach (and also come candid, playful ones there), but with so many storms, that was a bit difficult, so I grabbed it when we made a quick trip to a Ponte Vedra park after lunch, and it was perfect.  I grabbed a few candid shots and it was great.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s to a beautiful July.  It’s gonna be a busy one.  New exciting things coming… :). Happy 4th of July!


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