Update on Lennon’s allergy

Many of you know that Lennon was recently diagnosed with Cold Urticaria.  This is a rare allergy to the cold.  Lennon actually starts having hives in temperatures in the 60s and below (and even 70s, though less severe).  He has recently begun reacting to sweating as well as heat from the shower.  It’s possible he has both cold and heat urticaria.  Urticaria means “hives,” so he develops hives in certain temperatures.  Air conditioning can trigger it… cool breezes… wind… rain… sweating…  It’s one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to deal with, but the Lord is helping us the whole way.  I never thought I’d have to carry an epipen in my purse, and I’m thanking the Lord I never have to use it, but we’re believing our Chief Physician for complete deliverance from this allergy.

Lennon has missed recess at school for months, except for the occasional warm day he’s been blessed to play outside.  He asks me why other kids get to go out and play and why he has to have this allergy.  It breaks my heart.  What do you say to that?  He can’t go swimming… can’t be by large bodies of water (for fear of falling in – which could be fatal).  I’m not trying to scare anyone or ask for pity, but please, if you will, help me pray for a miracle God will deliver him from this!  (He’s also having blood work soon to eliminate auto-immune diseases as a possibility.)

We are SO happy to be in Spring!  I had Lennon do a few pictures yesterday afternoon, with it being in the upper 70s.  He did really well… just a few mild hives on his feet.  When I post online that it touches my heart to see him play in warm weather… you have no idea how much I mean that.  A year ago, Lennon could go out whenever he wanted… in whatever season… He’ll be able to again, in Jesus’ Name.  Thank you all for checking in and for your prayers.  They mean so much.  ❤




(Here is a video I recently made of Lennon playing… at the end you can see what we mean about the hives…  https://youtu.be/41MlGFcGADo)


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