Another warm, lovely February day…

Yesterday we had a really warm day (as we are supposed to today), so I had to be sure Lenny had playtime outside.  We went home early enough to enjoy the outdoors before sunset… and I tried my hand at double exposures (just for fun, since it’s been a trend as-of-late, and I thought it looked fun).  You can be super-creative with them and shapes and all… but mine was just me trying to figure the whole thing out really, yesterday, ha ha, so there were some Crazy double exposures coming from my camera.  This one I did love of Lennon, though…


I also had to take a few shots of my Bootsy-Boy.  He’s 5 months old next week!  Time has flown.  He’s the most precious little guy.  I can’t imagine not having him.  ❤





Here’s to a beautiful weekend.  After today we’re looking at 50s for the weekend… so we’re going to enjoy today’s Spring weather fully.  ❤  Happy Friday, friends!

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