Mid-70s! Woo-Hoo!

I did NOT for some reason realize that we were going to have such warm weather today!  When I looked at my forecast this morning… I KNEW we had to go out to play today.  Lenny LOVED being outside with short sleeves, no coat, no gloves, NO scarf covering his face… and NO big allergic reactions.  He had a minor reaction under his chin, but that was the worst of it.  Praise the Lord!!!  Makes me SO excited for Spring.  🙂  I miss my little photography model.  😉 (This video is so thrown together, lol – a bit shaky and not the best editing – but I just wanted a simple documentation of today.) 

(To see his play time a few days ago… see the previous post… I wanted to make my own home movies of him, and the last showed his allergic reaction to the cold, Cold Urticaria.  That is what makes today’s so much more special. ❤ )


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