Lennon in the Cold

We decided to do a few minutes outside with my new camera. I bundled him up for the 41 degree weather and intended to do a few minutes. After a bit, he was breathing fine and wanted to stay a few minutes longer. We stayed 17 minutes. I know it sounds crazy that I count our minutes, but I’m always documenting Lenny’s time outside in the cold and how it affects him and praying for improvement. 

We went inside and around his eye reacted a bit where it wasn’t covered by the scarf, but not too bad. His hands – under the gloves – looked great! (Wow- improvement!). But he kept scratching his legs like mad. I knew then I was afraid to see what was there… and when he took them off his little legs were covered in huge, red hives. It tore me up. I felt horrible that maybe I should have thought to double up his pants. 

I prayed and gave him Benadryl and his hives went away within a half hour or so. Praise the Lord! He was breathing fine the whole time (another Praise to the Lord!). 

So even bundled up – it’s just too much of a risk right now. We’ll have to wait more for Spring to play. And I’m praying it will be GONE by then in Jesus’ Name. 

I made a video documenting yesterday. The end shows more of what Lenny deals with. It’s too much for a child. But he is a pro. I almost fell apart when he looked down at his little legs covered in hives and said – I just don’t want to be like this – I died inside – but being in Lenny-form as he was – I realized he just meant he wanted to put his PANTS back on. 😂 Ah… that’s my Lenny. He does talk about it sometimes on his own to me though… he’s ready for this allergy to be healed. 

Thanks for reading. Praying for a healing touch from the Lord for others living with this. 


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