My Growing Boots

Bootsy-Boy (as I’ve nicknamed him and he seems to respond to most- ha ha) is growing and getting to be a miniature “big boy.” He’s still so tiny – even with growth (lol). I love him more than words can say. He came into a family of 3 dogs already, and so he immediately became well-socialized with animals and does so well with people. It is said Chihuahuas can be either really sweet or quite moody (usually one way or the other), and Boots is the sweetest little creature. God blessed me at just the right time with him. ❤

Now that he has had all of his shots he is finally able to go outside in the grass. His first time was quite scary for him, and he’s still unsure sometimes, but yesterday and today he frolicked quite a bit more and started loving it. 

He’s not so sure of the steps. Hasn’t quite mastered them yet (they’re bigger than him). 

But he has mastered the top step. (Go Boots!) I can already picture him in Spring… running in the green grass… smelling flowers… enjoying the sunshine… we can’t wait for Spring. 💛 

As we’re off a few days from school from sickness going around – it’s a blessing to be Home with Lenny and my little critters. They make me the happiest the most of anything in this world. 💚

Happy Wednesday – God bless you guys…


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