I have had (and adored) my Nikon D700 for probably 6 or 7 years now. I even bought a second body for weddings. I couldn’t love a camera more. ❤ Last year one of them died, and now the other is starting to go. 😦 So it’s time to upgrade and I got a call from my parents yesterday – and they are blessing me with a NEW camera! What is so special is they bought my very first film camera when I was a kid… another special film camera when I turned 13… and they bought my Nikon D700… always investing in me… and I ended up starting Madame Brown Photography (now The Memory Box), and now my new camera. They have taught me to invest in my son and the importance of giving. I’ll always appreciate their giving hearts. And with so many friends and new clients coming up on the calendar for shoots… I am stoked to use my new camera. 😊 Praise the Lord for His continued blessings in our lives.

On a side note… a few images of my biggest blessing ever. 😉


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