What a day!

Yesterday was such a great day.  In all honesty, it didn’t all start out to be so much… but it sure ended up that way.  I haven’t been going to bed at a decent hour lately, on top of not feeling well most of this week, so that has made for harder school days.

HOWEVER… last night was awesome.  Dear Photographer on Facebook shared one of my images as a daily favorite.  It was shared by a guest judge/host, Twyla Jones (an AMAZING photographer based out of Florida).  That just made my night.  Didn’t think it could get better… but it Did!  When I went to check Instagram, I realized that Candid Childhood, a very popular Instagram site with over 100,000 followers, shared a different image of mine (Lenny on his back with fireflies).  It’s reached nearly 2000 likes (what an honor!)… I don’t think I’ve ever reached anything remotely near the status of 2000 likes on anything (ha ha).  It just made me jump up and dance like a crazy person.  This isn’t something that catapults you into an overnight success or anything… but it’s a personal gain… I struggle with confidence sometimes, and this just really MADE my day.  ❤


On top of that, Dad’s video from the NAMM show at the Godin guitars booth reached 100,000 views!!!  I love that so many people continue to love and share his music.  What a blessing.  I’ll always be (in my own eyes, ha ha) his number-one-fan.

As far as an update on everything else… things are going well.  We’re learning how to manage Lenny’s Cold Urticaria better… it’s still terrifying at times… he’s now reacting to holding cold drinks as well.  It’s such an odd allergy I just don’t understand.  What breaks my heart is to hear him talk about being excited for it to be warm again so he can go outside and play.  He told me yesterday how much that meant to him.  It’s so unfair for him to go through this, especially being a child that just comes alive outside… he has always adored the outdoors.  Please continue to pray with me that God will completely deliver him from this.  God is still and always will be a miracle-performing God, and through us having to totally count on Him for this healing, it will only draw us closer to Him and trust in Him even more, so if there’s anything good that could come from it… it’s being cradled in our Father’s Hands even more… and feeling His extra-loving touch on our lives.

Love to you all, friends… I hope you have just as great of a week.  ❤



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