Our Snow Day!

Lenny and I get SO excited about the possibility of snow each year.  Lenny is nearly 7 1/2 and has the sweetest, most innocent mind.  He couldn’t understand why it didn’t snow on Christmas.  He associates Christmas and snow with Santa coming, etc.  I love that about him.  So, when we found out it might snow recently, we were pretty excited.  Too bad it came on a weekend day, but it was still so much fun, nonetheless.

If you’ve kept up with our recent blogs, you’ll know that Lennon was recently diagnosed with Cold Urticaria, which is an allergy to the cold.  He develops hives in cold temperatures, and also in cooling temperatures, like when his bath water gets cooler and he gets out of the bath… the air is cooler to his skin.  Talk about making me a crazy nervous person.  The great thing is he can have cold drinks and ice cream, Praise the Lord!  (Some with that allergy can’t!)

Lenny really wanted to go out in the snow, and it broke my heart that he’d miss it, so I decided I’d bundle him up really warm, covering all of his skin except where he could see, and we’d stay just a few minutes outside (he seems to start reacting around 7 minutes).  We did four minutes and he did well being really covered up, and even though it was a super-short time… we had a quick little fun trip in the snow and I was able to get a couple of phone pix of him (my favorite).



I’m praying for a complete deliverance from this rare allergy.  I want Lennon to be able to play outside in the snow and not miss a single second of recess and fun outdoors.  He LOVES the outdoors, and I sure miss photographing him in this season.  I ache to do our pictures again.  Please keep him in prayer for a complete deliverance.  ❤  God is still a God of miracles!!!  ❤  God bless you guys…



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