Lenny lost his first tooth!

Lenny was so excited (it was precious) the other day when he ran to my room telling me his tooth was loose.  He would wander each day when it would come out… and why it hadn’t already come out.  I was pretty sad (not gonna lie) that he lost it at school (he said he pulled it out in the library, lol), and that I wasn’t there, but it was so cute that he had his little tooth in a plastic baggy in his bookbag when he got in the car.


(This shows his lost tooth – PLUS he had a chocolate donut, ha ha).

He was ecstatic that the tooth fairy was going to pay him a visit for the first time.  I told him she would allow me to keep the tooth since I wanted it so badly.  We put his tooth under his pillow, and he was SO happy to see cash there the next morning when he woke up.  The tooth fairy was very generous for this first tooth.  😉  (And Mimi and Poppy helped with that, too.)  ❤

I hate to think Lenny is getting older and growing so fast… but I have loved every age he’s been.  The older he gets the funnier he gets.  He loves to bug his Mama. 😉

Hoping you’re all having a lovely Thursday.  Thanks for checking in and keep smiling and believing God for his promises.  ❤  They will come!



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