How can I even start this blog?  A week ago Boots never existed to me.  Today, he’s my little baby boy, and I can’t even imagine my life without him.  ❤  My Mom called me Saturday morning and said she was taking me shopping.  Little did I know she and Dad were buying me a puppy!!!  They know that my dogs are like my children, and I can’t imagine not coming home to them every day.  I tell people I have 5 kids.  One boy and four dogs.  😉  (Six kids, including Lucas… JK)


I have three female dogs.  I always pictured myself with girl dogs… and I wanted a female, long-haired chihuahua.  Well, we got to the shop Saturday, and there was Boots… a SHORT-haired BOY chihuahua… and it no longer mattered to me…  I fell in love with him… my Mom fell in love with him… Lenny fell in love with him… and GET THIS:  LUCAS BROWN fell in love with him!!!  You may want to check the sky right now to see if there are any pigs flying.  😉  lol  He loves our little guy so much, and without him and my Mom always helping me care for them, I don’t know what I’d do.


So if you think I’m the dog version of the crazy cat lady, I AM!  And Proud of it. 😉  Praise the Lord for such a beautiful Christmas gift that keeps on giving.  I hope you all are enjoying this amazing holiday season.  Let us always remember the reason for the season.  ❤







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