Halloween this year.  What a day.  I can honestly say – aside from Life being a bit in the way (which can sometimes be very hard, though I am grateful for such a wonderful life)… I can honestly say that our Halloween time together was beautiful.  We took Lenny trick-or-treating on Centenary, which is our annual tradition (he’s been going their since he was a year old).  I always say how it looks like something straight out of a movie.  It is simply gorgeous.  For a moment, you feel like you’re up in Vermont or something.  I’m sure we don’t have the vibrant foliage they’ve had, but what we did have was simply lovely, and I’m happy to have any at all.

This year Lenny wanted to be a flame trooper.  We found the sweetest costume at Target, which was perfect.  He got the storm trooper gun to go with it, and he was so proud of his costume.  ❤

Lenny is different from me and Luc in that he can hit about 5 houses and be Done. lol  But we don’t mind!  ha ha  We’re like – okay, let’s go home!  We were fortunate to run into Uncle Jeff, Aunt Abbey, Eli, and Livi, who were El Guano & the Three Amigos (only one of my favorite movies of All Time).  ❤

Luc took down our Halloween decorations at home yesterday and is working on Harvest decorations for Thanksgiving.  I appreciate his love of being festive and celebrating the holidays.

I would love to ask that you keep us all in your prayers.  There are many things I’ve been praying about for change in our lives and would love for you to help us pray.  If I can help you pray about anything, please leave it in the comments!  One big new change is a rebranding of my photography company.  I’m working on a new name (yes, this is true!), a new logo, and I’ve already redirected what my brand is all about – which is photographing newborns, children, and family.  I wanted to focus on what I loved most and what works best for my work-life balance.  I have a family I love and want to be the best ME I can be… and that starts with reorganizing my priorities at home and in work.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our updates.  I’m highly considering doing YouTube vlogs – as another fun outlet I think I’d really enjoy.  Would anyone watch?  🙂  I hope so – it makes me excited to think about.

Happy Fall everyone…  Happy November.

***On a side note – I filmed a bit of Lenny talking to me about killer clowns yesterday – which he’s obsessed about talking about lately.  NO we do NOT talk to him about killer clowns (some kids at school have) – but it’s hilarious how serious he gets about them when he talks.  😂 This starts off with him talking about the scary clowns… and then – he randomly notices his own bathroom window (lol).  That’s my Lenny!



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