In the Beauty of Fall…


So we’re not at a regular of crisp, Fall days in the 60s, but we’re getting there.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our cooler mornings and evenings, and the beautiful breezes Fall has already begun to bring.

Next week is Fall Break for Lenny and me, and let me tell you… we are READY!  Lenny will be doing his second Hip Hop performance, I will be editing, but besides that… it’s our stay-cation… which we enjoy just as much or more as our vacations.  I have an app on my phone for the Christmas countdown, since Lenny and I talk about it a lot, and since he always asks “How Many Days”… no matter what you’re talking about… if you mention something coming up… it’s always “How Many Days…”…  so Luc is NOT happy about hearing the blasting Christmas music that comes up on my app when we see how many days are left until Christmas.  (lol)  His favorite holiday is Halloween, and he has already begun decorating the outside of our house (and has done an awesome job) with all things Halloween.  It’s really so cute.  He’s always loved Halloween, so hearing about Christmas before Halloween is here always irks him.  😉  (But he sure does love Christmas, too.)

I am counting down the days until soon we will be able to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out our porch pumpkin(s)… our annual tradition since Lenny was a baby.  It just oozes “Fall.”  Others try to hit it right when Fall hits, but I can’t enjoy it without a cool, Fall breeze, so October is our taste for the pumpkin fields.  🙂

I hope you’re all off to a great Fall.  Dad is overseas (Scotland today) – heading all over Europe and soon to go to China as well.  Please keep him in your prayers for a blessed trip and safe journeys.

Praying you all have a wonderful week.



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