Happy Fall! (Tomorrow, anyway) :)

LOVE this of my sweet niece, Emmylou… I DID dodge the apple (all is well). 😉

I keep meaning to write more, and somehow my posts seem to end up about a month apart at times.  Life has been happening, as I’m sure it has for you as well.  We’re getting closer to October (FINALLY) – and I’m SO happy that tomorrow is the FIRST day of FALL!!!!  This is probably one of my VERY favorite days of the year.  Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons.  Fall used to be my only favorite, but I do love the life and color that Spring brings.  My favorite thing about Fall is not only the foliage but the cool weather – can I just say how Ready I am for sweaters!!!  I can say it has felt a smidge cooler in the mornings and evenings, so atleast that’s an improvement.  🙂

I’ve had some beautiful photo sessions over the past week or two.  From newborns, to children, to family (my theme of my business, ha ha)… from in-home sessions to the mountains… to the orchard…  and to the farm tomorrow.  The weather for each session has been out-of-this-world beautiful.  It does seem we have more sunny days this season.  I would be satisfied with more rain on all the days I don’t shoot though.  There’s nothing I love more while editing than to watch the rain fall outside my window.

We bought Lenny’s Halloween costume at Target (so glad they had it) – He’s going to be a flame trooper from Star Wars.  He’s super-excited about that.  Speaking of Lenny, this weekend is his first dance recital.  I.Can’t.Wait.  He probably can though (lol).  He has really loved going to Hip Hop class.  He has so much energy anyway, and he has a raw talent for dance… which I love since I’m a dancer-at-heart (not great, but boy do I feel the music, lol).

In my spiritual life, I feel like I’ve made so many improvements in different aspects of my life, while at the same time I feel I’ve failed at many.  It’s always a balance.  I still enjoy my weekly sermons (most of the time, daily) by Joyce Meyer that has really helped me to put more focus on what I need to most in my life right now.  Another is Joel Osteen.  What an uplifting man.  An encourager, for sure.

I hope you all are well and ready to embark on a new season of life.  I think with every new outdoor season we have our own as well.  I’m ready for what God will bring in Fall. ❤


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