My “SUMMER” Summer ends today

One thing I really fell in love with this Summer was taking my dogs outside in the morning… Taking a seat on the bench that is now on the beautiful shady side of our house… While we all take in the morning sunshine and sounds of the birds chirping. It is sheer paradise. Fasi sits and stares, soaking it all in. Wickey always finds her way to the “light” parts in the grass and gets her beloved vitamin D (She LOVES to sit in bright sunlight!!), and Luci runs aimlessly around the yard on big adventures. I love how they have such different personalities. I became emotional recently thinking of how I’ll have all 3 of them together for only a limited amount of time. But that’s life itself, isn’t it? It hurts, but the hurt can’t compare to the joy of having the gift of THEM.
Summer is a cherished time to spend with Lenny. I am blessed to have a teacher’s schedule so we can both share our holidays together. An even bigger blessing is I found out he has Mrs. Turner as a first grade teacher. She is a sweet friend of our family since childhood. What a God-ordained blessing. If I can’t be with Lennon during the day, I treasure that he is with Julie.
This Summer was a blast. We left the day school ended and headed STRAIGHT to Disney World! We had such a beautiful time at the Magic Kingdom, in St. Augustine, and at HoHo’s house (my sister Heidi) – which also included a trip to the beach. Haley and Jake and the kids spent time with us in Cleveland, which was so fun… Heidi and the kids visited… What a treat to share time with both my sisters… And another rare treat was that Lenny and I took a trip with Poppy!!!! Aka – THE Doyle Dykes (ha ha) – ROAD trip!!! It’s been ages and boy had I missed it. Lenny had a blast. He adores interacting with people (where I’m MUCH shyer). He autographed Dad’s pictures for people… And best of all… He SOLD free pictures!!! (Lolol) He sold them for a dollar, and he sold several before I made him stop, lol. I see that he has a gift for business. He went TO the people. He held them up and told them to get their pictures. He’s going to be the millionaire in the family for sure, lol. We went to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana – and the spaces inbetween. It was the Bob Evans tour. I had to have my sweet rolls and honey. 😉
I also had some of the sweetest photo sessions this Summer, two being of my sweet nieces. Leila was Cinderella for a shoot (she looked gorgeous) – and for Emmylou’s one-year session, we went to the sunflower fields. ❤️ I’ve never heard her laugh so hard as she did that night, while her Momma chased her through the rows of sunflowers. It makes me well-up with tears thinking about it. I love that baby girl.
So tomorrow it’s back to the old grind for me. It will be nice to see my school friends but I always ache for the sweet summer time I had with my loved ones. What a gift.



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