Summer is here!

I’ve been meaning to post for a while now! It has been NON-STOP since school let out. We took Lenny to Disney World (always a fun time), had time with my sisters and the kids in Cleveland, and now Lenny and I are taking a road trip with Poppy, aka Doyle Dykes. πŸ™‚ 

How can it nearly be July? It seems we were just ringing in the new year. I’m 38 tomorrow, which sounds so crazy. I still feel like a kid. (PS- My family took me out for the best birthday dinner ever at my favorite, Abuelo’s, since we’re leaving tomorrow).  Summer is flying and I’m so afraid of it going fast and not enjoying it – that it’s causing me to not enjoy it at times (ha) – so I need to do as Joyce says and “think about what I’m thinking about.” 

I hope you’re having a lovely Summer and soaking in the sunshine (in more ways than one). Here’s to a beautiful rest of your June.

I love to watch them together at the beach.
Florida dusk. πŸ’›
I just loved this little scene.
Watching the fireworks. ❀️
When he had to wait a few mns for his fast pass time.
How we managed a wide-angle with no-one in it is beyond me. lol

3 of my favorite guys (after my delicious birthday dinner at Abuelo’s).
LOVE these. Missed Emmitt & Emmylou here.
Had an amazing time at Dad’s Riverbend concert in Chattanooga.
Lovin’ my Pearl Girl.


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