Can you believe it’s April? I feel like it was just Christmas. I hope you’re all well and enjoying the beauty this Spring season gives us. It is officially crazy-season at school, as many school trips happen, testing, end-of-the-year check lists… It’s wild but fun. We are also super-excited to be going to Disney World again soon. We have our countdown – and the really fun part is doing it each day. It makes it feel as if the trip has already started by talking about it, counting down, watching Disney YouTube videos again… And dreaming of our time there. 😊 You can see Lenny’s excitement in this video clip where we were wishing Drew a happy birthday and he mentions the countdown at the end. Lol

Lennon is nearly finished with Kindergarten. He has amazed me with how well he’s done. I knew he was smart, but he’s shown me just how much more he can do. I’m so proud of him.  

Lucas is working harder than ever as a stylist. He has regulars requesting him, which is the greatest compliment, and he still has plans to do more video work with New Monster on the side. 

We have exciting things that have been going on with Dad… He officially represents Godin Guitars now. He just did his first workshop at Sweetwater in Indiana. They are fine people – and the fact they speak French is pretty cool too. 😉 He also just taped two TV episodes. One was Larry’s Country Diner (for RFD TV – which besides cable, I believe is coming to the Roku soon), as well as an East Tennessee PBS show. All very cool stuff. I’m so excited for his next album to come out. His music these days (as always) is phenomenal. You all know I’m his biggest fan. 😉

I would love to hear updates on you all sometime too. Leave a comment and say Hi! Love to you guys – 



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