A sleepy Saturday 

I’ve been pretty knee-deep in work lately that to have a Saturday afternoon at home with my boy – without any pressures of a shoot later or a gallery to finish – is priceless. I LOVE what I do – but having more than one job at the same time provides a measurable amount of stress and struggles – and free time is sheer peace to me. Not that I don’t have anything I SHOULD be doing (ha) – but this weekend I’ve purposely mapped out that way. My family comes first. I’ve grown SO much from when I first started my business. These last few months have been eye-openers. I hope you take time to rest. It WILL catch up to you if you don’t. Take time for YOU today!!    

These two shared the bed with me for an afternoon nap / rest. 

How he sat “comfortably” like that – I have no idea. (Lol)

We enjoyed some fresh outdoor air and saw more early signs of Spring. Lenny sat on the steps with his pajamas on and his little cowboy boots. I said – Lenny go play in the yard while we have a little bit of light out here – but he stayed on the step – and said he wanted to listen to the birds. (They were singing so beautifully.) I see so much of myself in him. I used to always ask if anyone ever took the time to look up in the sky and notice its beauty – notice the loveliness around us that God so beautifully crafted for us to live in. So many don’t notice it… Ever. It’s sad, really. But Lenny – as little as he is – always has. He sees the little things… And for that I am so grateful. 


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