Eyes Wide Open

I feel God has given me a clarity in so much lately, as I have made some priority changes in my life. I’m seeking Him more, remembering to put Him first (especially in the morning – in starting my day), and I can feel Him moving even more in my life. I feel sometimes lately that He’s starting to open my eyes. After all, He is still the potter, and we are still the clay, and He’s a gentleman… So he waits… Until we’re ready for Him to work again… My eyes were beginning to close on many things I feel… Becoming disheartened about a great deal of things, doubting my strengths, my gifts… Losing desire to do what I love… And feeling each day slipping away instead of loving it… And He’s helping me embrace the sunshine again (His light), soak in every precious moment, and reminding me that it’s okay to enjoy life to the fullest… Even if I’m not yet where I want to be.  I love needing Him… Because it’s where I feel Him most.
 If I made a list right now of what’s gone wrong lately I’d probably cry… But if I made a list of what’s gone Right lately… I’d be equally as emotional… Because He’s always to my rescue. 

One of the most RIGHT things to ever happen in my life is the gift of my son, Lennon.  He’s my miracle. I’d feel so lost without him. God saw it fit to give me one child, and he made him so unique – I could never ask for more.  He is my world, my daily therapy of laughter, and gives me the most loving feeling inside with just a glimpse of his precious little smile… 

If you’re struggling with something today – and I am probably the most unqualified to give advice – but please take this advice, because IT WORKS: Put God first in your day – start your mornings talking to Him… I took this advice from Joyce Meyer – who has blessed me beyond belief – and even though she has so many wonderful takeaways from each sermon she gives, this one resounds above all… I can’t emphasize it enough. 

God bless you guys – and let’s pray together that He’ll continue to open our eyes even more… In a world that slowly shuts them without our knowing sometimes. 

Love –




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