Winter 2016

What a beautiful week it’s been. A lovely, snowy week. We got snow twice this week and last night was about an inch more than last time. I was praying we’d get snow. It is such a peaceful joy I get looking at the beauty of it… Honestly, what a beautiful creation God made in snow. So white. So peaceful. 

I just wanted to post a few pix from my stack of – oh I don’t know – a gazillion – atleast (ha). 

This was from the smaller snow we had earlier this week.
a sweet pic I had to throw in
catching snow
driving Mommy nutty-nuts at the store 😀
the big rest after touching what seemed like every store shelf
my tough little ninja turtle (time please freeze)
loves to wear mommy’s coat
hmmm… how do I caption this… Lenny watching cartoons from a cage… basically
lol – probably my new favorite picture ever – he looks about 3 here – ha ha (but 6)
my sweet little munchkin
waiting on snow the first time
the first snow
all rainy / cloudy / wintry outside – but he still wore his shades in the store – gotta be cool at Piggly Wiggly 😉
melt my heart. a new favorite


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