It’s winter.  With no extreme cold.  No snow.  Do I like extreme cold?  Not in the least… but it usually gets us some time off from school.  😉  Same for the snow.  But I DO love snow.  I really love it.  There’s something so magical about it… and I keep hoping we’ll get some… and days out on the forecast it will look like there’s a chance, and then of course that changes.  So I’m really hoping for atleast one beautiful blanket of Tennessee snow this winter.

Yesterday I picked up Lenny from school, and he immediately said he didn’t want to tell me what color he got on that day (they have colors for behavior in Kindergarten).  Then he said he got on red.  I didn’t smile and just had a straight look on my face… then, with excitement in his voice, he said – JUST KIDDING!!!! I got on Yellow!!!!  Now if you know the color system, then you’d know that yellow is not good.  It’s not the worst, but it’s not good.  So, if I’m right about this little fella, he found a way (at 6 years old) to break his color to me gently by first joking about a worse color he actually wasn’t on… so it would make his color sound even better… lolol – Oh no, Lucas, we’re in for it!  Only 6 now… what’s to come?! (ha)

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday that I had to take pictures when I got home.  I was a hybrid shooter yesterday.  I shot film and digital.  I finished my film roll and am STOKED to see how those turn out!!!


Lenny gets tired of the pictures a lot of the time, but he’s also my best little sport… and will always be my favorite subject to photograph.


He taught me about “roots” yesterday.  Like vivid details… telling me their jobs… even asking me more than once to touch it and feel the root… as if he were a science instructor.  I’m telling you – Kindergarten is the new College.  He’s brilliant in my book.  I couldn’t be prouder of him.  The facts he throws at me half the time – I didn’t even know.  I’m so impressed.


I didn’t mean to plaster my photography name on this next one (ha) – so it’s in an odd place – but I love this image:


LOVE his sweet smile (all the cheesy/fake ones, lol).



I love how he discovers things.



But most of all… I ADORE his pouty faces.  😉


Happy Thursday, friends.  😉


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