December… Or April?

This is the warmest December I can remember. It seemed it was cooler when I was little growing up in Florida. 😉 I gotta admit – looking at next week’s forecast and seeing temps around 70 with rain just makes me feel pretty down with it being Christmas and all. I need to just start singing the – Malakaleeky-Lahkee- song (or whatever it’s called, ha ha), to make sense of this global warming. I can’t say I’m not happy for the folks up north – who have had some warmer temps (a nice break for those folks), but even they might not prefer that when Santa comes. 

This past week has wiped me out. I got sick a week ago and am just now phasing out of it. A cold mostly, but Friday morning I lost my voice (as in like NOTHING would come out)… And it threw me for a loop. The worst part (go ahead and laugh) was that I was worried I couldn’t order my food or drink through a window. I actually walked in a local joint I love and gave the gentleman a note with what I wanted (lol). – Yes, friends, I was going to communicate any way needed to get that amazing baked potato! – I’m still hoarse and sound like a dying cow when I sing (wait, did I sound that way before?), ha, but I’m so glad to be on the tail end of it. Next time you order something in the drive-thru- think of me- and be Grateful they can hear and understand you (ha). 

Tomorrow starts final exams at school – and the next couple of days are crazy busy with school and editing – but I am SO excited to have Christmas break with Lenny. ❤

We went to the park today. Wanted to share a few pix (and a sweet one recently with Emmitt). God bless you guys!




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