Day 3. Happy Thanksgiving!

It was so fun to be able to continue our tradition of going out on Thanksgiving, to one of our favorites, Cracker Barrel. Here’s the crazy part, and maybe it’s more of a Southern thing, but it WASN’T crowded! I’m used to having a 45 minute – an hour + wait, and when I walked right in and got a table… I felt pretty blessed. 😉 Lenny was so excited about the pumpkin pie. He recently had some at school and has not stopped talking about it since. 😉 He even ordered it for dinner too! (So sweet.)

After lunch we drove to Beavertail. I saw a lighthouse (which I was hoping to see but wasn’t sure). It was from the 1700s. The way the waves broke on the rocks… Sheer paradise. 

I took photos of Lenny holding my Dad’s hand, and I asked him to grab a shot of me and Lenny, and it’s one I’ll cherish forever.  

I’ll never forget this beautiful trip. What an amazing gift. 




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