Day One. The Breakers. 

I’m.In.Awe. How can these homes be cottages and summer homes for these people?  They are massive, amazing places that make your jaw hang out for atleast 5 minutes in each room. 😉  I am a huge fan of the Biltmore House in Asheville (only a few hours away from where I live), so seeing these sister homes were such a joy to me. I am sucked into the ornate décor that is full of gold, silver, paintings, and anything “lush.” It’s SO fun to look at. 

Dad also drove us along the coast… Took us to a popular seafood joint… Showed us homes and churches from the late 1600s and on… It.Was.Awesome. I appreciate American History so much and seeing these places ignites something inside me. I can almost picture myself then and there. 

I look forward to what tomorrow brings! Goodnight friends!


*He loves to take pictures on his own now. He even lined us up for shots (made my day). 😉





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