Lenny’s 1st field trip 

October 16th. Apple Valley Orchards. I took a personal day weeks ago so I wouldn’t miss my boy’s first school field trip. And to one of my favorite spots, no less. We came here a few weeks back (just me, Lenny, and Luc) and took a few pictures here… But today it was brisk, sunny, and a beautiful FALL day. 💛 
Lenny was starting to panic early on in the field trip that I was going to leave him, so when I found out we could sign him out from here, I couldn’t NOT take him with me. We’re very attached, He and I. ❤️ 
Here are a few highlights from the trip. 😊

Bless his heart… He was worried about me leaving him. 

I asked to take a picture this too cute to be real miniature Apple. 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

If you look closely you’ll see she’s holding an apple that is half yellow / half red. They showed a picture from the 70s of the original owner holding one like that but that was like 40 years ago since they’ve seen one like this, and it was His son (the current owner) who found his one! So cool. 



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