Ten Things

10 things (1)

This is something I did for my photography blog, per the advice of a fellow photographer.  It was super-fun for me to do, and I thought it would be really meaningful to share it on my personal blog as well!  Some are really silly, but it’s Me, and that’s why I’m sharing.  🙂  Happy First day of Fall!!!

I’m doing a fun little activity about myself to help you get to know me better!  :)  Some you may already know… some you may learn!  Here goes…

  1. My name is not Madame.  It’s French for Mrs.  I temporarily moved to France about ten years ago, intended to stay, almost married a Frenchman (long-story / great guy / not in God’s plan), and when I started my photography business, I had so much of France still in me.  I wanted to reflect a part of that love of my life in my name.  Hence, Madame Brown (for Mrs. Brown).  It may sound a bit odd since I married an American and have the name Brown, but I still love it… and it’s Me.
  2. I’m a vegetarian.  This is more of a recent thing.  I’ve wanted to completely transform into it for years but just finally made the leap.  I don’t miss meat at all.  Great and dandy if you’re meat-lovers!  I just prefer not to eat it. Perhaps it’s for my obsession with lovable little animals.  Or perhaps I was altered after I did chicken portraits.  I might better stop here.  I’m making myself sound WAY worse (ha).
  3. I grew up playing music with my guitarist father, Doyle Dykes.  I played with him on the Grand Ole Opry many times (on rhythm guitar) and even played on National Television (TNN at the time) when I was 18.  I’ve been blessed to do television and radio programs in many countries.  What an awesome time of my life.
  4. I’m terribly shy by nature.  I used to hide behind my parents’ legs.  I’m rather outgoing as an adult.  I’m around large groups of people in most aspects of my life.  I have had to make myself get out of my comfort zone to do this, and it’s still a challenge at times.
  5. I’m a songwriter.  I dearly love writing music.  My sister, Haley, was so awesome to record my song Forever and Always on her 2005 release The Mystery of Her.  (Wanna hear it?  Click this link – and click the track- to play it.)
  6. On a bad day (or a good day for that matter), the only thing that can truly bring me peace is to play my Mother’s piano.  The ambiance of her room and the brilliance of her piano in it is out of the world.  It was an amazing gift to her from my father.  She plays beautifully, too.
  7. There are a couple of sweet treats that make me feel like a dog with a beggin’ strip (no joke!).  Caramel Apples with nuts and Miniature Chocolate Donuts!!!!!
  8. I teach French!  I’ve taught French, Spanish, and ESL in Elementary, Middle, and High School.
  9. I’m absolutely TERRIFIED of flying.  This crosses other planes in that I’m very uncomfortable riding on the interstate at times and I’m incredibly uncomfortable riding with other people in cars.  Maybe I’m sharing too much.  😉
  10. I’m pretty quirky, but I think we all have our quirks, right?  If someone sneezes by my drink, FORGET IT!  Get me a new one.  😉

Love to you all-


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