Through children He speaks 

After prayers tonight, I thought about how Dad asked Heidi (in the white rose story) if she’d like to ask God for something… So I asked Lenny if he wanted to ask Jesus for anything… And he said yes… And proceeded to say, you remember when I was in your belly and then I came out and then grew up (something along those lines… With Lenny only 95% are real words or correct grammar, lol)… So then I said Yeah- And then asked again… Did you want to ask Jesus for something… And he said Yes… And proceeded to say – you remember when we saw that bunny in the park (and so on)… And I said Yeah… And then asked him if he remembered who Jesus was and how he lives in our hearts… And he said yes… So I asked him once more if he wanted to ask Jesus for anything… And he said… Thank you Jesus for… (He paused a moment)… For keeping me. I said for keeping you… What do you mean… He said for keeping me… When I was in your belly… For keeping me and you… – I could die now from the precious state of joy that took me to- to hear such beautiful, innocent words from a child… Who for a moment there I thought had already forgotten everything I told him about Christ. Lenny has a special outlook on life in how he sees and understands things… But in that I see God touches his heart… He reaches him when I’m not looking… My Heavenly Father is looking out for my son… How much more precious could life be? 


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14



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