Open House

Today was Lucas’ last day at Great Clips. Lenny was so overdue for a trim that we squeezed by for a fast trim before Open House. I’m glad he was able to be there for Luc’s last day, and I’m going to have him do my hair on his first day at Studio 115 tomorrow. We’re so excited for this new venture he’s doing. ❤️

Tonight my Dad so kindly went to Open House with me while Lucas worked. Mushu is very ill so my Mom stayed with her while we went. It was a treat to have Dad with us. 

It was a fantastic day. 

P.S. Pictured below… Left: Lenny’s classmates’ portraits. Right: Lenny’s portrait. 😁 – I promise we don’t let him watch horror films! Lol 

And last but not least- my hardworking boy before bed. (I still don’t think they should have homework in Kindergarten though. 😦 )



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