Just LOVE the kids…

This week I felt some heavy anxiety as I went back to school.  Thinking I wouldn’t be good enough… fears…  worries…  everything that honestly seemed like an attack.  I prayed and prayed about it, and through my anxiety, I honestly feel the Lord spoke to me on Monday’s school convocation… He said… Just LOVE THE KIDS.  Quit worrying about everything else and just love the kids.  Now I’m not one to say The Lord told me this and The Lord told me that… but friends, I can’t deny the power inside me that I feel so strong to love on the kids more than ever before.  Here I am worrying and anxious and losing self-confidence, and the Lord let me know He had a bigger mission beyond sharing my love for languages… LOVE the Kids, He said.  I know He wants me to have fun teaching them to the best of my ability and sharing the languages I love with them… but I realized my Mission isn’t languages.  My mission is to be a Light for Him and to Love them with All I have in me.

I have met some wonderful kids this week.  Some have brought me to the verge of tears already with their kind hearts and how they’ve spoken to me.  My worry turned into excitement.  My fear turned into joy.  I’m a softie and have always formed good relationships easily with my school kids and love them… but it’s different this year.  I feel a bigger love than ever before.  It’s His love through me that’s reaching out beyond me.  I pray constantly to be a servant to Him and to use me for His glory.  I know now that I am serving.  He has me serving at a high school and I pray that they see His face in mine.



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