As a teacher, I am so fortunate to be able to have time off. Especially in the Summer (although I’m one of those odd ones that prefer to go year-round and have more breaks so I can have more time off in not-so-hot or so-crowded times if the year). 

This Summer has FLOWN by. Since I’ve been out, I’ve not stopped, as I am also a photographer and have been working quite a bit , and shooting two weddings in one week was a real workout. 🙂 But I love it. 

There have been some harder times with family members being in the ER (more than one), and it has had everyone on-edge and trusting God more than ever. He never fails us and always comes through and shows up on-time. Praise God for getting us through these hard times (just this week, more ER visits). Please keep my family in your prayers. If you would, please pray specifically for healing two very special girls in my life. They need God’s healing touch more than ever. 

On a lighter note, we got our mini-getaway we’ve been putting money aside for weeks for. We spent two days going to the beach and St. Augustine. I wish I had enough time and could afford to stay longer and see extended family. I need a week in Florida! So if you’re reading this and we missed seeing you, Just know I’d love to sometime if I can plan longer than two short days. So many loved ones down there that I’d love to spend a lot of time with.  

My sister Heidi is always so good to us and opens her home to us. We were so excited to take Drew and Leila off with us too. They are my heart. I have an only child but I really feel like I have 5 children, because I am so blessed with my precious nieces and nephews. They are all so unique and beautiful in their own ways. I love how they all have such different personalities. I light up to pack them up in my car and go off and do fun things together. It’s not because I want them to remember me as an Aunt that took them out for fun (Which I would like them to remember the fun times) but honestly, and hopefully not to sound selfish, but it blesses ME so much to have them with me, even for a short time. I love them all so so much. ❤

Let me encourage you today, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there is a light at the end of the tunnel…. And be sure to take time for yourself, even a moment for yourself… To relax and recompose … It’s so worth it. This mini-getaway did that for me. ❤️

Love you all –



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