A must-see documentary 

Watching a documentary recommended by a fellow teacher this evening on Netflix called “On the Way to School.” These kids in other countries make daily “journeys” to get an education. A brother and sister go horseback on treacherous grounds… Two brothers face herds of animals at times (giraffes/ elephants)… Another young girl walks 4 hours on rocky trails just to get to school. I want to burst into tears right now. Kids complain so freely about a free education that is so graciously given them. There are some truly wonderful private schools out there, but Strongly say that our free public education is out this world and I think if they had to be charged for it or even pay an ultimate price of walking several hours one way Every day for it… Then the value of it would be much greater. I would love to show my students just how truly BLESSED they are to go to wonderful, free schools and have buses available to get there. I know I didn’t appreciate it enough when I went. I do more and more every day though. This documentary is a real eye-opener everyone should see. 


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