I got some really fun little devotional books from the dollar store this week. They’re on 9 fruits of the spirit. One is patience. I believe this has been my biggest test this year. Patience. I believe I have patience… But it could stand to be much better in God’s eyes. 

I have learned these past few years what it means to wait on the Lord. Without going into detail I can honestly say we live by faith. I could, as I’m sure we all could, be incredibly stressed by circumstances and things that seem to be curses… But I’ve learned to have joy in the waiting. I’ve learned to say… Well if this struggle never happened…. THIS victory never would have been brought about.  I’m learning to enjoy the “journey” more. Life is one big journey, is it not? 

Tomorrow one of the dearest people in my entire life is having a serious surgery. This person means so much to me I haven’t been able to mention their surgery to others without getting plum choked up. But I’m reminded tonight that the Chief Physician is in control. HE will see them through. HE will guide the doctor’s hands in his intricate moves. HE will bring this loved one healing and restoration. 

Another loved one tonight needs healing and restoration. Well the beautiful thing is he’s also the Chief Restorer… The Chief Peace-Giver… The everlasting Potter… And we are the clay… And HE never stops molding us and making us into what He desires us to be IF we let him. I’ll let Him. I want what He wants. Don’t you?

I don’t know you but I love you in Christ. 

I’ll close with 2 images I took today of Lennon. Yes, one is in a bathroom… It’s not our bathroom (ha ha)… But we were at a venue and it was a rad blue (and if you know me then you know I LOVE blue.)  😉

The greatest love to you all- 



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