Since it’s officially after midnight, I think I’ll go ahead and post that today I turn 37. Of course, I WAS born in Nashville, so technically my birthday is not for another few minutes… But it’s my birthday where I live, so I guess that counts just as much (ha ha). I’m so weird. ANYWAY- I have to do a double-take when I see the number 37 on my screen as I’m typing this. June 23rd, 1978, at 1:42 pm Central Time I came into this world to two young and amazing parents. 

I want this year to be defining. I want to work to be even more productive in what I want to do in my life… And more importantly, what Jesus wants me to do. I feel I’ve come a long way in my photography from where I started 5 years ago. I can’t imagine not being “Madame Brown.” God has continued to bless me so much in my business. But I want even more for this year to be the year I become even closer to Christ than ever before, a better Mom than ever before, a better wife than ever before, and to everyone… A better servant than ever before. I want to be a better teacher, friend, and a better “everything” I can be. I don’t want to settle for less because it’s comfortable. I know God wants me to do more. I want to listen better, to work harder for Him, and to soak in what God wants us to love and enjoy in life. 

I’m so into prints- I feel like a kid again loving my prints… My husband bought me the Polaroid I wanted for my birthday because of how much I wanted to work with film again and feel like I’m bringing some of the best of the past Back into my life. I’ve been writing notes in a small purse notebook… I have a physical, actual “hold-in-your-hand-and-turn-the-pages-planner” (I admit I still use digital but I also love this one)… I think we all drowned in the digital-technology-pour-out of new things. Thank goodness we have our “men-of-the-seventies” peeps that keep stationery alive. I couldn’t imagine not being able to write on a beautiful note card. I think taking the time to write each word means you mean it even more. 

So… 37. Two beautiful digits. Thank you Lord for filling this year with your continued unfailing love and blessings. 


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