For my teacher friends…

I’m a meme queen. They make me laugh harder than about anything on the Internet, aside from funny animal videos, of course. 😎 

I had to share these today for my teacher friends (who will TRULY understand). They’re funny to anyone, but until you’ve actually TAUGHT a class, you really don’t have the full idea of what all goes into it physically and mentally. I am also a photographer and I stay BUSY all the time with more than one job. I can shoot more than one session in a day and go on a several-hour editing spree and still stay up to read in the wee hours of the morning and be wired…. But ONE day of teaching makes me want to go to bed at 4 p.m. – lol. Just simply because a school day schedule keeps your mind going constantly- with the work of teaching, grading, meetings… And then your day starts again when you leave to be with your family. 🙂 I cherish those sweet kids that make it so great. I’m merely talking of the mental exhaustion from your mind constantly being “on” like no other job I’ve done. It really can be very rewarding, but these are too funny not to share (and SO true). 


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