Fasi turns 11.

Any of you who know me well, know that Fasi is like a first-born child to me.  I got her just before I headed to France back in December of 2004.  She changed my life.  Having her traveling with me overseas was a lifesaver at a not-so-easy time in my life.  I can’t imagine not having her.  Saturday, she turned 11.  I can’t believe I’ve had her for 11 years!  She was actually 6 months old when I got her, and she was so sickly that she looked like a little kitten from behind.  Her sickness cleared up pretty fast once she became a part of our family, and she has been healthy ever since.

Some fun characteristics about Fasi:

She’s small but mighty.
She is the Yappiest little dog you will ever meet.  (Talk, Talk, Talk – Someone’s at the door, BARK – I hear a noise – any noise – BARK – There’s a fly on the window, BARK)
She would sell her Soul for one treat.
If you have Meat, she loses all control of herself and can hardly function until you feed her the meat.
She likes to wear clothes (I’m NOT kidding).
She is so used to my photography, I honestly think she poses.
She will stand on two legs and WALK (and spin) for a treat.

Those are just a few precious thing about my girl.  I always joke and say I have one boy and three girls (ha ha – I know I’m a crazy dog-lover).

So, Happy Birthday to my one and only Fasi.  You’ve made these last 11 years pure joy for me.  ❤

fasi fasi11


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