Words honestly can’t express the joy of seeing this precious girl come into the world. I have been there for every niece and nephew and I consider that a gift from God in itself. 

Emmylou Ann. She is more beautiful than you could imagine. She has the most gorgeous sandy brown, wavy hair. She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz. I have been on edge for DAYS waiting for the call. I was praying I would be able to make it to Nashville in time once she went in labor. God has his hand in everything. We made it in plenty of time and even Dad was able to be there. 

A super-funny highlight of my trip…. If you know me well, you know I’m a Huge Leigh Nash fan. She was the lead singer of the 90s band Sixpence None the Richer. Her big hit was “Kiss Me.” She’s pretty much my favorite singer ever. Well, about 15 or so years ago, Haley and I were with family shopping at Green Hills Mall in Nashville (at the really cool Museum store, which is sadly no longer there), and Haley said to me… Isn’t that Leigh Nash?! I looked over and surely, there she was. I could not NOT say something. I told her how much her music meant to me. It was her and her guitarist, Matt Slocum (who Wrote Kiss Me) that inspired me so much to begin my own songwriting (which is something I’m working on doing again). She was so kind. Not to brag, but being on the road with Dad, I have had the privilege of being around all sorts of celebrities, like Jewel, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Nelson, and even an amazing time meeting President Jimmy Carter. I am NOT star struck typically, but with Leigh Nash, I get downright giddy. I remember meeting her that day and I honestly think I was so emotional afterwards that I cried later (I know, I know), and even the memory of what she looked like that day was foggy from just being crazy excited. WELL, yesterday, pumping gas in Haley’s area, which happens to be where Leigh lives too (I know, right?!), I was talking to Dad and just glanced over at a lady finishing up gas and getting in her car, and as she was driving off… I just started laughing like a crazy person and whispered to Dad to NOT look behind him now, but it was Leigh Nash driving off!!!)  It MADE my day running into her AGAIN!!! 😊  Jake and Haley have lived in that area around a year and a half and have never seen her around (lol). 

SO… The funny part is, while on the Interstate today driving back to the city, Dad said, Hey Holli, there’s your buddy!! – seeing a car like hers. So I look over and SURE enough, it’s Leigh Nash AGAIN, this time in a totally different area of Nashville. I started laughing hysterically again and thinking, God’s joking me… Like, Holli, here’s your favorite singer again…. 😊

On top of that, EVERY time I see her, my hair is a Mess. Like yesterday I hadn’t been able to shower yet after being at the hospital all night… Today I didn’t have my hair dryer so my hair was a wet mess… And the first time I saw her my hair was up in a pony tail on an odd day, which I never really did, and it was a mess… So Haley was like, just never do your hair when you come to Nashville and you’ll always see Leigh Nash (lol). 

I realize some of you are thinking that’s so silly, but I have been a fan for nearly 20 years, so this was SUCH a super-fun highlight to my trip, but not taking away from my Beautiful new niece!!!!! 😊 Can’t wait to post some pix of her. 

Love to all- 


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