Friday Haven

I live for weekends. I think I teach better on Fridays (lol). I’m so excited to be celebrating Haley’s birthday this weekend. And today, on this chilly-ish, breezy, gorgeous day (although I’ve suffered some awful allergy issues since yesterday), I came home to find Luc and Lenny workin’ in the yard. Lenny eats it up. He LOVES the outdoors. 


Luc was just saying to me how he might take some high branches down… I mentioned having a tree guy come and do it… But Lenny said he had a great idea… That he and Luc should buy parachutes, and then Shoot the branches down with missiles. Then he made a big smile as he said how great  his idea was. I absolutely CHERISH how precious he is and the hilarious things he says. (Lucas told me later that his other idea was that they could just get a “Giant” to help them. I’m in love with his imagination and how vivid and real it is.) ❤

So I’m excited to have a weekend getaway and some time to recoup. Wishing you all a glorious one.

Love – 


P.S. On this “trending” social media topic today, I did the “how old” site… And I like my prediction. I’ll take 30. 😎 (They said Lenny was 5, and he is, but they guessed his as a girl, lol… I just have a pretty boy.). 



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