Ready for the weekend. 

Boy am I ready for this weekend. It’s been a rough week after getting some lab work done… Being sick a few days… Teaching… Shooting… Editing… It’s been wild. 

Tonight, though… I relaxed more in a few minutes than I have in a while. We watched some Charles in Charge and Happy Days, while Lenny cuddled between us on the couch. Then Luc and I watched some of one of my favorite shows, House Hunters International, together. It was pretty fun talking about it together, picking which house we thought they’d eliminate from the running first… Then which one they’d ultimately choose. I think we’re wrong every time (lol), but I think we’re both on the same page for which place We’d choose. Tonight we did England, Nicaragua, and France. And of course I had some nice memories surface of England and France while watching the episodes. 

This weekend will have me shooting an event and a family session. Plus editing. But I’m just happy it’s the weekend. 

Here’s to a beautiful Friday to you all… And an even lovelier weekend.


the morning light leaking in the house…
Couldn’t part with his Humbrella for dinner.
my sleepy little munchkin
the unicorn and the alien (no costume needed)


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