This is Life.

I love Fridays. Especially special ones like today, where Dad and Ma take us out to a special dinner and dessert. They treat us all the time anyway, but today was even more special since Dad just flew in from Germany. How I wish I was able to go back this time. I truly miss it. It was the first European country I ever saw. I can’t tell you how I long for those days. I wouldn’t change my life for anything now, but to feel the freedom again… That I long for. It’s a wonderful thing to have a job and take care of your family, but there is so much excitement in thinking you could go anywhere at anytime without any notice. And growing up traveling with a cool guitarist for a Dad didn’t help things later in life when I had to settle into my adult “real” world (ha ha).  The reality is I can’t see what he sees all the time, but I’m so grateful I shared it with him for years. I will never have the words for my gratitude for that. Dad and Ma showed us the world. 

We went to the Peanut House for dinner… And ice cream for dessert. After dinner Ma had me play her piano. Her room is magnificent. You feel like you’ve time warped into a beautiful European manor and you’re playing in a formal room for the Duke of Devonshire who’s come to visit (lol). The ambiance makes me sound better (ha). 

I played several classical and Rock-n-roll songs on piano… Then Ma played. I got so tickled because she, my Dad, and my brother were all having a discussion about “flat” notes and I couldn’t follow a lick of it. I play completely by ear. Ma can read music well. Growing up, on the road, people  asked if our mom was musical too… And we knew she had played some piano when she was younger so we always shared that. We never heard her play really. We just knew it. Well, YEARS later, and I mean Just a few years ago… Nana Dykes gave us her piano and Ma played a jig from something jazzy she learned as a kid. We were like… What? Where’d that come from? (Ha ha) But the real kicker came when she showed me some hymns she was playing one day… Reading the music and Playing… I was slack-jawed. I thought…. I’m in my mid-30s and I’m just discovering this talent Ma had. So, Uncle Aubrey, I guess you now count for only Half of where I get my love for piano (ha). 

Tonight she played some patriotic music and I, for pure kicks, grabbed the “recorder” (remember those???) Lenny had been playing with, and I played recorder while she played piano. A duet, if you will… Although she sounded beautiful and I sounded like a dying bird that needed to be put out of its misery. I had Dad come in for our duet. And then I proudly make the joke that Doyle Dykes was in the room and it doesn’t matter because he isn’t a Piano player!!! Ha ha. (Although I’ll be frank… He can play some of that too… Dangit, lol) He always challenges me to get out of the key of C (which I occasionally do), and so he teased me tonight and asked what key I was playing in… And I said “the right one.” 😉 It doesn’t matter what key you play in as long as it’s the right one, eh!

A great night, indeed. These are the nights that feel like Christmas. That special bond you have with your family… Laughing and sharing stories together… Sharing music together. I can only imagine Jesus looking into our room with a big smile on His face. This is life.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.




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