Faith in waiting…

I have faith in God. But sometimes it’s easy to panic in stressful situations and lose faith. I feel like these past few days have done me in. I’ve lost a bit of control of who I am, where my faith comes from… Feeling overtired and over stressed. On Saturday night Lenny had another allergic reaction. It could’ve been his milk (he has a mild allergy but the Doctor said not to avoid it if he’s okay after drinking it)… And he has it all the time with no problems. I freaked out a bit but gave him Benadryl and it ended up going down after a while. Well, last night it happened again… Swelling in the lips… Cheeks… And he had no milk yesterday. He’s not allergic to common allergies, so we basically don’t know what’s causing it. We’d sure appreciate your prayers for wisdom and direction in finding out the source of it. 

Tonight Dad is flying to Germany (actually right now) so please keep him in your prayers too. I had a lot of fun putting together his Q&A video today. (The outtakes are funny at the end… I couldn’t stop laughing, which got him to laughing…) 😛

Back to school tomorrow. Close to Summer. Lenny and I are soaking up this beautiful weather. 

Happy Week-



P.S. One of my clients texted me this image today of her beautiful portrait wall she created from our session images. REALLY makes my day. 




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