Happy Easter!

So, it’s officially after midnight, and I just finished watching Big Eyes. I always appreciate Tim Burton’s eye for color and composition. He’s a true artist himself, and I’m so glad to have learned more about the amazing Keane artist. She still paints everyday. All these years later. So beautiful. 

We had a beautiful Easter. The morning was full of the excitement of Lenny seeing what the Easter bunny had brought him. He got 2 Skylanders, Legos, and tons of candy and cute stuff. He told me last night or the night before that he wanted to get a Big Christmas tree so Santa could come and put presents under it. (So cute.) He really has no concept of time yet, which is a blessing in itself. I can overthink it. 

We had a wonderful lunch at Luc’s sister Abbey’s house. Lenny played on the trampoline and ran wild throughout the house while their little adorable dog Lucy chased him. It was so cute. 

The evening was filled with a lovely dinner with Ma and Caleb, Haley Jake & Emmitt, and sadly Dad wasn’t back yet from California. Then Luc and I finished it all off with a movie at home (the best kind of movie, afterall). 

How was your Easter? Beautiful and full of sunshine, I hope. I really do. Have a wonderful week, friends.  





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