And another…

Saw a comment online today someone made saying putting accessories/hats on animals was animal cruelty. I shiver to think people would picture me cruel to my precious animals (my babies). Not everyone thinks it’s cute to do so, I get it, but Cruelty? 😥 To be honest, my dogs were at my legs the entire time to have their turn to do pictures on my little set (yes, they DO get a treat for doing their pictures, but they still enjoy the activity). The word Cruel is so deep. I hope people understand it’s all in good fun and these animals aren’t in any way mistreated. Often, these pix are snapped so fast that they only actually wore them for a few seconds. And they don’t live life this way. There’s too much cruelty in the world to mistake it with this innocent play/fun with your little fur-friends. To those that think so: Please rethink the word cruelty. 



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