Tough Day…

We found out today that Lenny is allergic to probably his favorite thing in the whole world: Milk- and everything associated with it. We talk with the doctor more tomorrow but what a blow… I tried to explain it to him, and if you know Lenny then you’d understand when I say he got mad at me (lol)… But I tried to explain it more and said that he didn’t want to go back to the ER and have needles in his arms again… But he said he Did. I thought he misunderstood me so I said, No you don’t want that… And he corrected me again and said he did… Because they made him get better and then he could have his milk again. :,( Broke.My.Heart. So not only is he losing his favorite drink and chocolate bars and ice cream and pizza, but now we’re having to learn a whole new lifestyle for Lenny… And change isn’t always easy. So if ya’ll will remember us in prayer for peace and wisdom, we’d sure appreciate it. 😉

God bless you guys…


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