Mid-week Happys

I bet you thought I was about to put midweek blues, eh…. Nope. Is it sad to share how excited I am to get my Joyce Meyer bible in this week???? (In Blue Turquoise leatherette, mind you… AND I got a discount! Woohoo!)

Over this past year or so, I CRAVE to learn more of the word of God. I’m no dummy, but I ordered this Bible because Joyce helps me understand the word… How to apply it to everyday living… It has her own notes in it too…. If you’ve never read any of my past posts, you may not know how important I regard the book, Battlefield of the Mind (by Joyce). There are days I feel this book has saved me… It stays on my night stand. Always. Joyce is my hero. She has shown on me a new light in life. God is always the light, but she is helping Him shine on me. I will always look to her as a personal hero of mine. I don’t even know her but love her so much.

I have the midweek Happys. I know, I know, that sounds terribly annoying, but Anyone can be happy, even when we struggle. We don’t have to be unhappy in hardships!

I wish you happy tonight. Don’t let evil overcome the good in your life. Overcome the evil With good.

Bless you guys… Have a beautiful Wednesday…


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