Janvier is French for January. If you don’t know it already, I am also a French teacher (outside of wedding photography). I have some pretty great students this semester. January is a cold (sometimes dreary) month, but I love the new beginnings it brings. There are a lot of goals I want to reach this year. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have “resolutions” but I certainly have on-going goals that I haven’t met yet, but I’m making progress, and the Lord has been with me every step of the way.

December brought its own hardships in several aspects of our lives. We celebrated life and we grieved loss. It’s still hard to soak in everything that has happened this past year. It was full of the most beautiful blessings and also what seem like the biggest curses. I lost someone dear to me. Another dear, dear person in my life has had the threat of cancer (and awaiting surgery), we had close people move across country (always hard to say goodbye to family), and there were several struggles that sometimes seemed unbearable. But all that being said, those struggles were always met by the Almighty… He is also the Healer of my dearest friend facing a health threat… He is also our Provider and never fails to meet our needs… Do you need a huge blessing today? Healing? Peace? A financial blessing? He Will Meet Your Needs!!!!! You need only ask… And better than that… Go ahead and THANK Him for it in Faith that you have already received your miracle.

A special thanks to my parents for their never-ending support in so many ways that has brought us to where we are today. When we have fallen, they’ve picked us up. When we’ve been sick, they’ve helped to make us strong and well. There are not enough words to thank them. But thank God for such wonderful Earthly parents in addition to our amazing Heavenly Father.

I wish you all a beautiful January Monday. Monday… Another new beginning.



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