Weekend Recap

What a lovely, productive weekend. I went Nowhere. I did many things and I did nothing. I cleaned for hours and I relaxed and watched movies. It’s amazing how much more you can get done when you don’t leave the house. And the girls didn’t mind either. They had their fair share of wallering around on the couch… Munching on popcorn and other snacks… They think they’re human. 😉

Tonight we cleaned for a few hours and still didn’t get done. Does that tell you something? Yep, with all the work we’ve had this semester and our crazy-go-nuts schedules, we were THAT far behind. But it felt SO good to get more Christmas decorations up and actually look at my kitchen table and counter tops again (lol).

Tonight, while working on my computer entirely too late and uploading files for clients, I pulled some old files up (while waiting). I miss seeing Lenny this little (although I love his age now, too). This, I believe, was Easter 2012.




I really need to get in the bed, as I have school tomorrow… It’s always so nice to catch up on sleep, but boy does it mess you up for the next night…. Say a prayer I won’t be too tired tomorrow (ha). I wish you all a beautiful and happy week.

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