Friday Night

This week has seemed like 2 weeks in one. If you don’t know already, I teach high school French, and this next to last week before Christmas break we have a schedule that meets for about 2 hours per class for a few days. By the end of the week, faculty and students feel like zombies. We were all so happy for the weekend today! 🙂

This afternoon I had a few minutes before Lucas left for work, and I had an itch to snap a few quick shots, so I decided I’d do Fasi… Which made me also want to do Wickey and Luci.

I put one of my newborn hats on Fasi (OMG is she adorable). Fasi is always a pro. She was born a model, I think.


Then I decided to do something different (and a bit special) with Wickey. I put her on Lenny’s Spider-Man trike. She didn’t even freak out. She held on tight and froze for me while I took her pictures. She is my little soldier. She guards me and is always the most patient little friend I’ve ever had.


And then there’s Luci (lol). I’m always lucky if I can get her to sit still for one millisecond. I couldn’t get her in focus while she was on the floor, so I put her up on a bench… She froze for me (amazingly), and I was so proud to get atleast one or two in-focus shots. 🙂


I have one boy and 3 girls. I love them dearly. (I gave my boy a break from the camera today.) 😉

Happy Friday, friends!


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