This and That…

This week I closed out my personal facebook page.  It’s not at all that I don’t want to check in with anyone or to be reclusive.  I am still very much a part of facebook through my facebook photography page (htttp://, and I am an Instagram-junkie (so feel free to connect with me there!  I’m holli.brown).  I am more of an Instagram-user for personal social media.  I like the interface much better, and of course I’d be in love with an app that’s based on images.  😉

December, so-far, has been a nice month, though busy… and I just can’t seem to physcially catch up where I am mentally, and vice-versa (oddly).  I get home late… and then it’s time to go to bed… OR I get home early… and I have a ton of work to do on my other jobs outside of school.  I’m not complaining but just so very tired lately… So if you remember, say a prayer for me.  😉  I’m so thankful for work.  I just need to figure out a balance.  If anyone has it figured out, please let me know.  😉

Sunday night was a SUPER treat.  Dad played a concert at First Baptist right here in Cleveland.  He plays all over the world, and RARELY does he ever play in our area… Not because he doesn’t want to… but he just seems to get everywhere else most of the time.  To hear him play is always such a treat.  It brings me to tears to hear him play… my sister sing… my brother play… and having Jake up there on bass was so nice.  He compliments them so beautifully.

I would give anything to be able to travel back in time, be 15 again, and drive out West with Dad and Haley.  I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss it.  Always treasure each period of time in your life.  I look at Lennon every day and treasure each moment and age with him.  Especially since he’s my only child.  There are no do-overs.  He’s only this little once, and I listen to what other mothers tell me and think about how fast it goes.  I ache to think that one day “THIS” Lennon will be gone.  This 5-year-old Lennon that loves to shoot dinosaurs and even has video-game-dreams.

I’ll be honest in saying that these last few years have been the hardest of my life.  Everything is fine, but it has been so difficult at times Circumstantially.  It seems when one things goes up, another thing goes down.  But I always remind myself how God takes it right back up each and every time.  I put my Faith in HIM and not in man.

If you’re feeling hopeless today, remember you find Hope in Jesus Christ.  If you’re feeling sick today, remember you find Healing in Jesus Christ.  If you are feeling down today, remember you find Peace in Jesus Christ.  MY Peace I leave with You… He says… and Notice I say “says” and not “said.”  He is very much alive today as much as He was then.

Happy Holidays, friends.  I don’t know you all, but I love you in Christ.


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